Staircare Stair Nosing Range

SC-R230 Stair Tread Nosing

SC-R230 Stair Tread Nosing Benefits

SC-R 230 stair nosing sits 230mm deep on the stair and therefore covers most of the tread.  The composite FRP base with a heavy duty silicon carbide grit makes this product well suited for use in aggressive environments.

It offers exceptional corrosion resistance and works well in salt water applications or oily chemical environments.

Installation of Stair Nosings

  • Chequered Plate/ Steel: Glue and screw with Tek screws
  • Concrete: Glue and screw with self tapping concrete screws
  • Timber: Fix with suitable timber screws
  • Grated Stairs or Grille: Fit with Universal saddle assembly

Product Information Sheet

SC-R230 Stair Tread Nosing Gallery

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