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Photo Luminescent Nosing

Photo luminescent anti-slip stair nosing

Photo-Luminescent Anti-slip stair nosing provide the usual function of step protection in addition to emitting a high intensity glow during power failures and emergency evacuation.

Photo luminescent finish

Staircare SC19 and SC19B Photo-luminescent glow in the dark strip is embedded into the aluminium base nosing profile featuring high luminance, long lasting time in luminance and it is weather proof.

The product is Non-toxic, Non-radioactive and has stable chemical properties.

Please refer to Photo-luminescent data provided in the relevant Product Information Sheet.

Photo-Luminescent Stair Nosing Compliance

SC19 and SC19B Photo-luminescent stair nosing have been designed to form part of a building way guidance system for compliance with NCC2016 EP 4.1 Visibility in an Emergency.

The photo-luminescent glow section is within the first 14mm of the Nosing, allowing the luminance contrasting anti-slip strip to be set back a maximum of 15mm from the front of the nosing to fully comply with this specific requirement of AS1428.1-2009

Product Use

  • SC19 Photo-luminescent stair nosing is for use on hard surface stairs such as concrete, steel, timber etc.
  • SC19B was designed for carpeted or carpet tile finishes.
  • SC19 and SC19B products have been extensively installed in Sporting Arenas, Convention Centres and Grand Stands.

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