Staircare Stair Nosing Range

SC-R100 Stair Nosing

Stair Nosing Slip Protection & Stair Highlighting

Staircare reinforced SC-R 100 stair nosing can be installed to just about any stair tread requiring serious slip protection and highlighting of the step edge.

SC-R 100 stair nosing can be installed on industrial stairs that need serious slip protection it is available in yellow.

The nosing is supplied cut to size, it is a one component nosing with high corrosion resistance and UV treatment that offers immediate slip protection

  • Size: 100mm x 25mm x up to 3600mm long
  • StairCare SC-R products are made to measure – it is a finished product when delivered and can be used immediately
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Light but strong impact strength
  • Long service life, low maintenance
  • Non-conductive, non-sparking, non-magnetic
  • Fire resistance and low thermal conductivity

Installation of Stair Nosings

  • Chequered Plate/ Steel: Glue and screw with Tek screws
  • Concrete: Glue and screw with self tapping concrete screws
  • Timber: Fix with suitable timber screws
  • Grated Stairs or Grille: Fit with Universal saddle assemble.

Product Information Sheet

SC-R100 Stair Nosing Gallery

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Staircare supplied Merlin with SC-R100 stair nosing, FRP composite base with silicon carbide anti slip grit and suitable stainless steel saddle clip assemblies for fixing to the grated stairs.